A Very Cool Weather Website: Windy.com

This website, windy.com, punched through the noise of my RSS feeds. It’s a live view of these weather conditions around the world: wind, waves, rain & thunder, temperature, clouds, air quality, and numerous other weather variables.

What makes this site so interesting to me is the way this realtime data is presented (animated) graphically – which a simple screenshot (above) can not show. However, I can embed a video of my selected current weather variable – which I have done below for the wind and then for the waves here at the house. This is absolutely my new favorite weather website! I highly recommend you check it out!

I am fascinated by the fact that we live in the windiest area of the west coast in the United States. Our own home weather station has the data to show how incredibly windy it is. As a result, international wind surfer and kite surfer contests are held here every summer. What I don’t understand is why, unlike the remainder of the west coast, we have such constant wind speeds between 20 – 30 knots with gusts of 80 knots.

Amazingly, the embedded budgets below are interactive! You can move the map about, zoom in and out, even change the weather condition as desired. These people have outdone themselves!

Below is the current wind direction and speed (color bar at the bottom of the animation denotes speed in knots. 1 knot = 1.1mph).

Below is the current wave direction and height (color bar at the bottom of the animation denotes height in feet).

Tim highly recommends the website, Windy.com. It’s outrageously cool!