Accidental Admission

I’ve written before (and carefully documented that writing) that the white, extremely conservative, religious fundamentalist movement in the United States has its roots deeply planted in racism. They now prefer to be called “evangelicals” because the term religious fundamentalist has powerful connotations of terrorism. (Hmm. January 6th, indeed, proved them to be domestic terrorists.) Well, a few days ago homophobe Tony Perkins, one of the religious fundamentalist leaders, accidentally admitted this fact.

Perkins issued a statement about President Biden’s order for the military to carefully review its ranks and purge any white supremacists found in the military – as a result of the attempted overthrow of the US government on January 6, 2021. Rather than declaring this review to be a good thing, Perkins wrote that the review and purge was Biden’s attempt to remove good Christian people from the military. Really now?! The purge was, in Perkins’ mind, a threat to Perkins’ religion! Let that sink in!

In effect, Perkins admitted that white supremacists and religious fundamentalists are all too often one and the same thing. This admission is a scathing indictment of a religion that has less to do with god and more to do with the systemic racism at the very root of their godless movement. After all, God doesn’t see race, and Jesus wasn’t a white guy.