The Grumpy Bernie Sanders Chic at the Inauguration (Update 3)

One of the delightful memes that was unexpectedly created from photos taken at President Biden and Vice President Harris’ inauguration is, of course, the Mittened Grumpy Bernie Sanders Chic photo. The photo-journalist who shot the original photograph shown below is Brendan Smialowshi. In the photo he is wearing a pair of mittens handmade1 and given to him two years ago by one of his constituents – an LGBTQ elementary teacher. She was delighted to see he wears them to stay warm. Here’s the original photo:

The internet went wild. Some very clever memes were born, and Bernie now appears everywhere. Here are three I created.

Some of the ones from TV and movie history are just fabulous, but for one reason or another, I love each of these (below). The New York City shots were made from an online app a programer threw together where you can add Bernie to any Google Street View. Clever. And the crochet Bernie–really?! Wow! Have a look.

After the abominable lunacy of former pResident tRump’s terrorist attack on our democracy, and then leaving all of his terrorist buds to take the heat all by themselves (as well they should but along with him) for their failed murderous coup attempt, I think the nation needed this diversion. Thanks to all involved.

  1. recycled wool sweater lined with fleece