Impressive Deadbolt

Having just purchased a house, we need to rekey the property. We prefer keyless locks because we don’t always have our keys with us. And this, being the largest property we have ever had, makes walking out to the shop (a quarter mile from the house) only to realize you don’t have your key to the shop1 a real pain. So, I recently went to Wirecutter to see who makes the best keyless lock systems.

UlatraLoq U-Bolt Pro
(Colors shown are when the lock is doing something)

They recommended, hands down, the UlatraLoq U-Bolt Pro. We bought it, and so far the product has lived up to its high recommendation. Here are the reasons I personally find it the best keyless entry system I’ve ever used, and we have used numerous ones over the years.

  1. Dead simple installation. It came with all of the everythings I needed to remove the old deadbolt and install the U-Bolt Pro. They had 2 videos on installation and setup. I watched them. They were clear and concise, but I didn’t need them. I could have easily done the installation from the simple print directions. In fact, I probably would have come very close to just figuring it out on my own the way the big boys say they do.
  2. The lock has numerous ways to open it: your fingerprint, a code, your phone, walking up to the lock with your phone on you (like in your pocket), an actual physical key, twisting your phone in your hand (called the magic shake), and having someone with approved access unlock the door for you from anywhere in the world. You can also set temporary access codes for specific days/time frames.

    The fingerprint is fast–ultra fast–as in instant, and is probably the way I will always open the lock. In addition to the fingerprint being ultra fast, it’s super secure. If I have granted a person access only through their finger print, I don’t have to be concerned that they will give their access code or copy the key and give it to another person to use. I have a bit more accountability.
  3. I don’t have to connect the lock to the internet to use it if I do not want the remote unlock features. I can use it as a stand alone lock since all of the fingerprints and codes are stored on the device.
  4. I have our lock set to lock itself automatically after 20 seconds. I have the app notify me when it locks itself. Love this feature!
  5. I can see all of the actions taken with the lock and who took them. It keeps a complete activity log.
  6. It feels solid (made out of zinc) and sturdy. And it looks good.
  7. The company says the 4 AA batteries should last up to a year under normal use. You can attach a USB battery pack if you failed to replace the batteries when the lock warned you they were low.

So, are there downsides to the lock? Yes. With a $179 price tag, it’s more expensive than many (not all) of the other models out there, but I find it to be a significantly superior product (ease of use, construction, simplicity of installation and setup, feature set) to any other keyless system I’ve ever used. Significantly.

And, for those Apple users who want HomeKit compatibility, you’re out of luck with this product. It is compatible with Google’s spying and surveillance systems, but it will not work with HomeKit. Frankly, I’m very okay with that.

Finally, the Ultraloq keyless options only come in white or black. If you need buffed pewter tinged with copper accents, you’re out of luck.

UltraLoq offers several different models, but this (the deadbolt) is the only one we have used. I highly recommend this product2 . Wirecutter was spot on with their recommendation. If my recommendation changes over time with use, I’ll revisit my review.

  1. We have only found 1 that works. 

  2. I never endorse products unless I purchased them like anyone else and actually use them. And I never have been asked to recommend a product or been given any incentives to do so.