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Chris Joss (November. 2004)
Chris Joss (November. 2004)

I have to say that I am rather shocked to realize that I have never blogged about Chris Joss! I accidentally discovered his music a few years ago when I was searching for Christopher Cross’s music in my iTunes library. I had not noticed that I was actually searching the iTunes Store and not my personal library. Because of a typo I had made, iTunes suggested I was searching for Chris Joss. So, a very strange confluence of events introduced me to Chris, a musician I had never heard of before all of this.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on him and listened to one of his recordings. I was instantly hooked! My Chris Joss playlist is called Flower Power Funk Groove and that’s exactly what he music brings to me. This is the artist bio on Spotify:

Frenchman/producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Joss constructs funky downtempo music that’s heavily influenced by the film music of Lalo SchifrinJohn Barry, and Quincy JonesJoss made his debut in 19961 with The Man With a Suitcase. Dr. Rhythm appeared in 2002 and was followed two years later by the soulful You’ve Been Spiked. That same year, You’ve Been Spiked was picked-up for an American re-release by the ESL label, home of the like-minded Thievery Corporation.

––David Jeffries, Rovi

He has 13 albums on Spotify, and a playlist of 10 of his songs is embedded below. This is the link to his Spotify artist’s page. And this is Chris Joss’ blog link. He has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.

Below are the covers from the albums I have in my collection. I don’t have all of the music from each album, but I will eventually. I love his music, finding it an eclectic mix of jazz, 60’s and 70’s pop, funk, and rock! Chris actually plays all of the instruments in all of his recordings! Talented dude in many ways!!

The album, Man with a Suitcase, 1999, is the imaginary soundtrack from a movie that never existed. Apparently creating such albums (soundtracks for fake movies) was “a thing” back in the day. Joss’ music has, however, been featured in movies and television series: Accepted (2006), Argo (2012), Hotel for Dogs (2009), Inside Deep Throat (2005), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), and Role Models (2008),[3] and the television shows Six Feet Under[4] and Better Call Saul.[5] I think his style would be perfect for a James Bond movie. Joss says that Man with a Suitcase was inspired by the music from the movies: The Avengers and Mission:Impossible.

My Growing Collection contains…


  • 1999: Bombay By Bus EP – Pulp Flavor
  • 1999: The Man With A Suitcase LP- Pulp Flavor
  • 2002: Dr Rhythm LP- Irma La Douce
  • 2003: The Gnomes EP – Irma La Douce
  • 2004: You’ve Been Spiked LP – ESL Music
  • 2005: Discotheque Dancing EP (Ursula1000 and Fort Knox Five remixes) – ESL Music
  • 2005: A Part In That Show EP (Kraak & Smaak remix) – ESL Music
  • 2005: Inside Deep Throat Soundtrack LP – Koch
  • 2006: Brilliantine a gogo – Boutique Chic EP – Stereo Fiction
  • 2007: Superman EP (Basement Freaks & Plastilina Mosh remixes) – ESL Music
  • 2008: Teraphonic Overdubs LP – ESL Music
  • 2009: Sticks – ESL Music
  • 2010: Monomaniacs Volume 1 – ESL Music
  • 2011: No Play No Work – ESL Music
  • 2014: Bimbo Satellite – Teraphonic Records
  • 2016: Escape Unlikely – Teraphonic Records

Chris Joss Singles

  • 1999: Bombay By Bus 12 inch – Pulp Flavor
  • 2002: The Gnomes 12 inch – Irma
  • 2005: Discotheque Dancing 12 inch – ESL Music
  • 2006: A Part In That Show 12 inch – ESL Music
  • 2006: Brilliantine a gogo 12 inch – Boutique Chic
  • 2007: Superman 12 inch – ESL Music
  • 2008: I Want Freedom 12 inch – ESL Music
  • 2012: Toxic Smoke/Sequence of Spectators 7 inch – ESL Music

Chris Joss Remixes:

  • 2004: Concorde Music Club – From Outer Space – 13bis
  • 2005: Jody Watley – New Love (2 remixes) – Curvve
  • 2005: Yerba Buena – Sugar Daddy – Razor & Tie
  • 2005: Fisherspooner – A Kick In The Teeth
  • 2006: Joe Bataan – Chick A Boom – ESL music
  • 2006: Woody Herman Tito Puente – Mambo Herd – Sunswept
  • 2006: Pirates of the Carribean – He’s A Pirate – Walt Disney
  • 2006: Jody Watley – Borderline – Curvve
  • 2006: Praful -Sigh – Therapy records
  • 2007: Frank Sinatra – This Town
  • 2007: Thunderball – Thunder In The Jungle feat. Afrika Bambaataa – ESL music
  • 2008: Bebo Valdez – Sunswept


  • 1995: Monk – Ten Tips For Charles Berry’s Hips” – Station Records
  • 2006: Cazwell – I buy my socks on 14th Street 1st version – West End Records
  • 2008: Cazwell – I buy my socks on 14th Street 2nd versions – Peace Bisquit
  • 2008: Cazwell – The Sex That I Need – West End Records/Peace Bisquit
  • 2009: Los Amigos Invisibles – Corduroy – Unreleased


  • 2006: Inside Deep Throat Original Soundtrack CD – Koch Records
  • 2008: Stereoscope Jerk Explosion – La Panthere Pop – Cosmic Groove (Sitar on 2 tracks)
  • 2008: Atfunk – Rewire Walks – Extremely House Music (keyboard on 3 tracks)
  • 2012: Atfunk – Soundprism – Plugtone records (keyboards on Restart and Tranquilito)

  1. date is incorrect according to other sources