After the Snow Storm

New Zealand ’17: Day 13 – Glenorchy (Tue)

Lodging: Matakauri Lodge
Date During Trip: July 11, 2017

It rained this morning. No snow, yet. I’m still holding out for some. Everyone else seems to have come to the conclusion that the snow will arrive tomorrow. We decided not to drive up to Glenorchy, which is at one end of Lake Wakatipu. We saw it yesterday from the helicopter. In fact, it can be seen in several pictures from yesterday.

Steve is off to the gym. I am using my iPhone and the Moondog anamorphic lens to create a time lapse of the clouds and the snow-covered peaks. The low-hanging clouds are moving at a fairly fast clip. I’m hoping it will start snowing at 11, but, even though AccuWeather says it will, it doesn’t look hopeful. The time lapse should still look fairly awesome with the moving clouds.

Shooting a Time Lapse
Shooting a Time Lapse

The weather time lapse turned out fabulously! It rained. It snowed. It got very cloudy and foggy. It snowed a lot on Cecil Peak and The Remarkables. Then the blue sky appeared for a bit. Some great drama.

We spent a lazy day in the room, had lunch delivered to the room, and were generally lazy as this is our last full day in New Zealand.

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At dinner our waitress from the Republic of Congo acknowledged our anniversary. She then followed us to the room with a special gift: a dessert tray from the staff that was inscribed “Happy Anniversary!”. This staff pays a great deal of attention to detail!

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary


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