Oreos and milk

Anxiety Medication

I have found the past several elections very, very stressful. (The change process is excruciatingly slow.) This election cycle is the worst of them all! My anxiety level has been through the roof. I’m already sweating, breathing heavily, and pacing the house! As a result, I will up my anxiety medication dosing on Tuesday, the day the election results begin to come in. I’ll be a wreck.

Publix OreosI went to the pharmacy, pictured to the right, and noticed their stock of anxiety medication seems to already have taken a serious hit. The Oreos/Milk combo treatment IVs were already sold out. Others must have the same condition I have. Fortunately, I was able to get the mega-sized pill dosing I will require. Each pill is about an inch-and-a-half in diameter and must be carefully chewed before swallowing.

Even Andy Borowitz is afflicted. He wrote this about the time change:

“Remember, because of the time change, we have one extra hour of this f$#@ing1 election.”

I feel his pain! Only about 24 hours until the 2020 election cycle starts!

Maybe I need to get my medication into my system early so as to maximize its effect.

Oreos and milk
Anxiety meds mega-dose

Oh, I guess I need to pick up an extra bottle of insulin as well!


  1. I bleeped the word because I don’t use those words in print though some have heard me speak them as the particular need arose. 

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  1. That’s a great idea, Tim!!! Only I will be drinking skim milk to offset all the fat coming from the Oreos???

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