Building with a view

Back from San Francisco

Building with a viewYes, we bought a little place back in San Francisco, and I spent this past week setting it up—well, mostly. The special-order furniture has yet to arrive, but the basics are now in place. I’m always amazed at how much time is required to set up even the smallest apartment, especially when you don’t know the area. When it’s all finished, I’ll post a picture or two.

The building is awesome. The location is spectacular. The internet speed is insane! (See the screenshot from an iOS device over WiFi after the text.) Learning “urban living” will be a bit of a challenge!

While in town, we went to a San Francisco Symphony concert. As is typical with their concerts, it was so wonderful I’ll have to write a special post about it later.

So, I’m back in Atlanta now, and it’s cold! (finally winter time)

Evening Walk

Internet WiFi Speed