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Apple Should Be Embarrassed!

Pages iconAfter years and years of neglect, Apple released an update to its iWork programs. Each program is now sold individually. Pages version 5, the Apple word-processing and desktop publishing application, was born. The program is now on version 5.6.1.

Typical of Apple’s feature regression, Pages 5.6.1, even today, lacks fundamental features one would expect from a desktop publishing app.

Even the casual reader has noticed that in many, many books, their are numbers on each of the pages. Very often these numbers are on the outside of the page—they are on the edge of the page furthest from the binding. This is commonly referred to as outside page numbering. It requires the odd page number be on the right of the odd pages and the even page number be on the left, or visa versa. This is a simple feature ubiquitous in desktop publishing.

Pages 5.6.1 lacks this fundamental, basic feature. Pages technical support didn’t even know this. What??!! Seriously??!! The feature is available in Pages ’09. Their recommended solution: export the document out of Pages 5.6.1 in the old version’s format and number the pages and print them in that version.

Apple should be embarrassed. There is simply no excuse for this. None!

But not to worry. A new version of Pages is most certainly in the works. However, read the fine print first. It just might not accept alpha-numeric input or support printing!