Your Cemetery Experience Survey

Happy Halloween!

Am I the only person that thinks this is in the poorest possible taste?

Your Cemetery Experience Survey
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Today, on Halloween, I receive a survey from the corporate-owned cemetery asking me to rate my “overall cemetery experience” from last month when we buried my mother there.

When my parents purchased their cemetery plots decades ago, they bought them at this quaint little cemetery that overlooks the bay on Scenic Highway, in Pensacola. It’s a beautiful location atop the bluffs.

Today that cemetery is now owned by a nation-wide corporation, and I’m told that, as a result, it is now the most expensive cemetery in town. When I talked with them about the preparations for my mother’s burial, they used corporate speak when discussing the absurd fees for “preparing and opening the property.” Give me strength!

My biggest concern was that someone might already have been erroneously buried in my mother’s plot next to my father. They had accidentally buried someone in my father’s plot when he was to be interred 18 years ago. You can imagine my mother’s shock and how upset she was at the time as they quickly looked to see what other “property they could open.”

At least the funeral home we used is still family-owned and operated, in fact, by the original owner who is now in his 90’s!

I believe that unfettered corporate capitalism is the greatest evil facing this country. Marketing off of death. Marketing off of death on Halloween.

“How many positive recommendations have you given for this cemetery?” Are you serious?! How insensitive and crude! Jeeze!

One thought on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. How crude! I had to look at the survey to see what type of inane questions were included on the survey!
    Dignity has taken over the cemetery business and it is a shame to see how commercialized death has become. My plot is paid for and I keep getting calls from agents of the funeral home attached to the cemetery to set up funeral arrangements and pay ahead. Leave me alone.

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