Puter: The New Mac Pro

New Mac Pro: The Baby Is Born

Puter: The New Mac ProThe new Mac Pro computer arrived last Thursday*, and I spent the next 24 hours setting it up.

It’s amazingly fast, and Final Cut Pro actually runs on it without the horrid beach ball spinning every time I attempt to do anything!

I think I’ve pretty much set up everything, though I’m sure I’ll bump into a few odds and ends here and there over the next few weeks. I am running this machine lean and mean—only serious video and photo editing.

My strategy seems to be working: I setup screen sharing to the old Mac Pro for everything else and connected them through gigabit ethernet. The connect is fast, really fast. I put screen sharing in full screen mode, and it’s as if I’m sitting in front of the other machine. The direct ethernet connection is actually how I finished up copying files over to the new machine’s SSD. (I had already loaded the external hard drive with all of the multimedia resources I’ll use for photo/video editing.)

I’ve grown spoiled with the SSD on my tiny little Air. To have “instant on” and a significant lack of lag time on the desktop is really welcomed!

Now I’ll go about putting my office together all neat and tidy, hide all of the wires, etc.


* Unlike B&H Photo Video, the order from Apple took 3 weeks to build and less than a week for free shipping. Additionally, it cost less money, even with state taxes! Yo, B&H Photo Video, where’s that computer I ordered way back on January 14th?!