Tennessee Valley Lookout

Heaven Is Just a 4 Mile Roundtrip

Sunday we walked to Tennessee Valley Beach. We’ve walked there several times in the past. I’ve even biked there once (thought I was going to die—so out of shape!).

What made this last jaunt special was that we hiked up to a 100+ year old lookout along the ridge. According to my new Fitbit, it was the equivalent of walk up 35 flights of stairs!

The view from up there is sensational.

Tennessee Valley Lookout

One of the things that always amuses me is how physically fit people are around here. We walked up slowly, taking numerous breaks to catch my breath. But a man who appeared to be older than I not only easily passed us, but he kept walking up higher and higher along the ocean ridge itself. Two older women (60’s ?) walked up the other side, which was very, very precipitously steep! (I will never walk up that side, ever! One slip and you’re dead meat! I’m just not all that sure footed.)

My Runmeter exercise app on the iPhone tracks the entire trip and speaks your progress every 5 minutes (an adjustable setting). Below is how out of shape I am.

Finished Walk: Nov 18, 2012, 10:59:19 AM
Route: Tennesse Valley
Google Maps URL: Click here
Import URL: Click here
Walk Time: 1:29:28
Stopped Time: 32:14 [had to rest and take in the view!] Distance: 4.10 miles
Average: 21:50 /mile
Fastest Pace: 15:14 /mile
Ascent: 561 feet
Descent: 643 feet
Calories: 504

You can see that the GPS signal drops here and there in the headlands, making the map just a little less than accurate. (Despite what the route indicates from time to time, we always stayed on the trail.) Though I am so terribly out of shape, I do enjoy hiking around the outdoors!

Hiking Map
Click map to go to the interactive Google Map


One father took his three children on the hike, all the way down to the ocean and back (3 miles). One of his children was really young (maybe 3, possibly 4?). They left the ocean well before we did, but we caught up to them about a quarter mile from the parking lot. The older children were obviously enjoying themselves, but the youngest one began wailing, demanding his father carry him. Dad refused, and good for him. His kids will be in shape!