crime scene tape

Guilty on All Charges

crime scene tapeI mentioned in my post back in October, Jury Duty in Marin, that I narrowly escaped having to serve on jury duty in the case People vs. Cutrufelli. The previously convicted felon was convicted on all charges.

Cutrufelli broke into the home of a 90 year old man, shot him in the head (jaw as it turns out), and tied him up while he robbed the house. The old man got loose, found one of his guns, shot the perpetrator (Cutrufelli) 4 times before Cutrufelli wrestled the gun away from him. Cutrufelli then put the gun to the 90 year old man’s brain and pulled the trigger, but the gun was out of bullets. Cutrufelli then fled the scene but passed out from blood loss just a few blocks from the old man’s house he had robbed.

Now, all of this is bad enough. It’s outrageous. It’s unspeakably evil. But it gets worse!

Cutrufelli then lost his job, his house, his wife and two kids as a result of all of this. Apparently his medical bills were very high. Well, hello!

But Cutrufelli blames the victim, the 90 year old man!!! His attorney, Sanford Troy, sued the 90 year old man for personal injury to his client, Cutrufelli, who had committed the criminal act that led the old man to fight for his life!

I’m liberal. I’m all for social justice, but this is beyond my comprehension! I feel compelled to be explicitly clear: the victim here is the 90 year old man that was minding his own business, not Cutrufelli that perpetrated the crime against him and his property!

For his attorney, Sanford Troy, to sue the victim of the criminal offense is an outrage against justice! Sanford Troy should be held accountable for this frivolous lawsuit that he states he believes he has a good chance of winning if it goes forward.

And it gets worse. Now, of course, all of the people on the extreme right wing are screaming about threats to their gun ownership.

I suppose my feelings of boundless outrage are a direct result of the fact that if I had been picked for this jury trial, I would have done everything I could have done to be fair to Cutrufelli and make sure he got a fair and impartial decision from me. To hear of his attorney’s efforts to take advantage of a 90 year old man that has already been shot in the face and scared half out of his mind with another trigger click to his skull just enrages me!

Shame on Sanford Troy. In my humble opinion he is a disgrace to the justice system, a leach, an opportunist that represents the very lowest level of his profession.

Integrity matters!

News story source: Marin Independent Journal