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Vote for Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan!

Rolls RoyceUnder Pres. Obama, our country has been far too slow and recovering from all the devastating republican policies that left our economy in a shambles. Therefore, you need to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for president and vice president so they can reinstate the same policies that turn the growing budget surplus into $1 trillion deficit, brought us to recessions, the doubling of our national debt, the worst collapse of our financial system since the Great Depression, and the loss of at least 8 million jobs.”

And, while you’re at it, vote for all Republicans for the House and the Senate; so, if Obama happens to win (god forbid) congress can continue to be an obstructionist influence destroying the middle class and enacting radical policies against women. After all, we need to shrink the federal government to make it small enough to fit in a woman’s uterus.

Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes

For real this time: You know, I’ve just never, in all of my life, seen such radical extremism at work in this nation. I pretty much agree with Aaron Sorkin‘s speaking through Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels), the main character of The Newsroom: The Tea Party [as bought and paid for by the Koch brothers along with the Republican candidates] is the American Taliban. I love how Sorkin’s character represents what the Republican Party stood for 30 years ago, things I actually valued! I just hope Chris Hayes (Twilight of the Elites and the End of Meritocracy) is correct in his assessment of what’s going on in the country: the outrageously out of touch and privileged elites are dying off, and all of this nonsense is their last gasping breath. The extent of the power of money to manipulate and deceive good people simply astounds me.

OK, now I’ll try to avoid politics on my blog for a while. I just couldn’t let the GOP convention pass without blowing off some steam!

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