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All for Nothing?!

Well, not really for nothing…

I went to downtown Sausalito this morning to shoot panos of my gorgeous town in the morning sunshine. I didn’t get down there in time for sunrise, but I did actually get a good pano of the main area I intended to shoot.

But then, I shot two additional panos that were vastly more awesome! Only one problem: after shooting the first one, which turned out fine, I must have bumped the focus ring on my lens. The two totally cool ones were horribly out of focus—completely unusable! And I didn’t realize this until spending a lot of time constructing one of them.

The worst of it? I had the tripod in the water for one of the panos that didn’t work. You talk about a challenge! I didn’t want to get wet; so, I was very careful not to slip on the slimy concrete when getting out of the way during the delayed release. However, three unexpected waves jumped up and got me, and I mean soaked me through! Yuck!! At least they didn’t wash my camera out to sea!

Well, I’ve been unusually silent on the blog lately because I’ve been studying this art of pano-making. The pano presented here is the first pano I’ve created in HDR. I’m also using new beta software to create the pano. Not only is there the learning curve, but the software has a few bugs in it yet! Additionally, I’m shooting much larger images: again, big learning curve. Hopefully you’ll notice less color hallowing and aberrations, more clarity, and that pop you get from HDR.

You’ll also see some interesting new things in the next few panos that are published. Even with this one, if you have a really large monitor, as you zoom in, the image quality will scale up to 100%, and this was a rather large image. (You can still get some pixelation because I’m allowing scaling up to 140%, which is larger than the image file.)

So, give it a whirl, and tell me what you think—especially if you have issues. (BTW: I don’t think this guy will work on an iOS device. That will come later.)

Bench by the Bay Pano Play Button