Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CaliforniaGrace Cathedral is a San Francisco landmark. We visited it during my sister’s recent visit. I had never before been inside of the cathedral, and it really is a beautiful space.

I wasn’t really equipped to shoot pictures inside the cathedral as I didn’t have a tripod, and the lighting in the space is very low. So, I set my ISO up to 1600 and shot handheld, hoping for the best. In those situation, you simply get what you get.

Additionally, people were praying and doing other ancient religious rituals in the cathedral, including some type of contemplative walk in a medieval, maze-like, stations-of-the-cross-type of ritual designed into the cathedral floor. I may not share their beliefs or religious experiences, but I have no desire to disrupt their rituals in what many consider to be a place set aside for spirituality.

I experimented with a beta software program I’m testing and put together this short video from photos I quietly shot in Grace Cathedral.