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Cancel Your @Netflix Accounts

netflix logoSo @Netflix has now jacked up my billing rate twice in the last several months.  This time they have at least doubled the monthly rate I originally started with just over 1 year ago.

Originally Netflix was a great deal.  I love how I can stream video to my AppleTV and my iPad/iPhone.  It usually works well.  They are amazingly efficient with shipping DVDs.

But Netflix has a rather limited streaming library–limited to generally older or little-known movies.  And while I’m sure they are getting squeezed by the movie industry (Sony Pictures Entertainment, just up the street in Culver City, being the most recent example.), it’s time they feel the squeeze from their customer base.  If customers allow this type of constant rate increase, it will continue.Aug31 iCal icon

I’ve already marked my calendar.  On August 31st, the day before the rate hike goes into effect, I’m canceling my Netflix account.

Join me, and let’s send a clear message to Netflix.  Loss of revenue is the only language business understands.