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Updated: We’re OK Here

Wave iconI appreciate the very early morning phone calls (always worries one to death) and text messages. But no need to worry. The coastal area in which I live is only under a tsunami advisory, which is predicted to make landfall here at 8:00AM this morning. I’ll be staying away from the ocean.

Additionally, the first ocean-front street is probably about 10 – 20 feet elevation above sea level, but then we have a large and really steep hill here in Manhattan Beach. This area along the ocean is referred to as the Sand Section. I live in the next section, the Tree Section, which, while within walking distance to the ocean, is even higher up than the first steep incline. If the Tree Section were to be flooded by a tsunami, much of the whole LA basin would probably be in serious trouble.

The only reason I don’t walk to the ocean when I take walks along the beach, is because walking back up the two steep hills is just brutal for an old, out-of-shape man like me.

My heart goes out to the poor people in Japan. I can’t imagine an 8.9 earthquake at such a shallow depth. It’s apparently one of the very worst in the world in the last 100 years. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

The Manhattan Beach Pier as well as the lower north and south pier lots and El Porto and 26th lots have been closed and people are being asked to stay off the beaches, though damage is not expected in Manhattan Beach, according to an official report. The city has activated its Emergency Operation Center on a limited basis.

A two- to three-foot tidal surge is predicted to hit Manhattan beaches sometime between 8:30 and 9 a.m. this morning, occurring at low tide.

Los Angeles County coastal residents are encouraged to stay away from currents, Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Ron Walker told news services.”

Source: Manhattan Beach Patch

I’m hearing disturbing reports about the nuclear power plants in Japan. I just hope this is western media hype, but people on Twitter who are following the local media in Japan are mentioning it. The Japanese tend to be very understated, not given to hyperbole.

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  1. You know you’re mama would want you to head to New Mexico! Have you got the bathtub filled up with water yet, plenty of milk and bread stocked, gas in the car??

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