Valentines Day Heart

He Gives Me Feverº

Valentines Day HeartTook a fun stroll from Santa Monica Beach down to Venice Beach yesterday. I don’t often get to Venice Beach, though it is always a lot of fun when I do.  The crowd is always diverse, colorful, and sometimes a bit crazy.

You never know who you will run into around LA.  Saw an actor from an ABC TV series sitting, doing some type of meditation exercise along the Santa Monica Beach.

But the most fun and unexpected experience from yesterday’s little walk:  An elderly black woman was sitting on the strand with her mic and little amplifier.  She had a bit of a crowd around her as she was singing.  Maybe I should know her because she had an excellent voice.  Maybe sings locally?

As I walked by her, she was singing Fever.  The timing was perfect.  She pointed at me.  Her finger followed my stride as she sang, “That man right there, he gives me fever…”  She was great fun.

It was a pre-Valentines’ Day valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.