Vietnam: Day Six – Eco-Friendly Beach Cleaning at Sunrise

Every morning in Manhattan Beach, a large truck pulls a huge raking mechanism along the beach to pick up all of the trash* the tide and beach goers left behind. In the past I’ve actually posted a picture of what that looks like.

This morning I got up early to photograph the sunrise. The thick layer of fog over the water precluded that endeavor, but I was greeted with a water buffalo and his owner raking the beach front here in front of the bungalow. He really is more flattening the beach than raking it as their is no trash in the sand, only sea shells.

The water buffalo would dutifully follow his owner back and forth pulling this weighted log behind him. At one point the owner left the water buffalo along the beach while he went to the boathouse for a moment.


Then, the fishermen started working along the beachfront. Next the sun began to appear above the fog layer and horizon. I snapped several pictures, but in my rush I bumped he camera settings and didn’t realize it. All of the sunrise pictures were almost completely overexposed. I’ll have to hope for a repeat or even better tomorrow.

I’m now sitting outside for a little while, blogging. The humidity is probably 100%. Photographing the morning events was a challenge as the camera had been inside the room for most of the night and the lenses immediately fogged up. I realized I would face this dilemma and placed the camera and lenses in the outdoor garden to adjust to the temperature and humidity difference for about 3 hours, but that didn’t prove adequate. Even my computer screen is completely fogged up as I type this!

* I’ve shown the trash that washes up from the ocean: massive amounts of styrofoam and plastic that somehow manage to find their way out to sea only to be washed in from the tides. The amount of non-biodegradable trash is revolting!

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