Vietnam: Day Two – Hanoi

The bustle of this city goes beyond that of NYC and Paris. In many ways, it exceeds Rome. I’ve simply never seen so many scooters flitting about, so many people on bicycles, so many cars and pedestrians scrunching into such cramped quarters. The horns blow nonstop, not in a rude, NYC sort of way, but in a “Don’t squash me. I’m here!” sort of way.

Nam, my young guide, and the driver took me all over Hanoi today. I’m exhausted. I walked almost all of the 36 streets in the old French Quarter, toured the historic Hanoi Hilton prison, walked a “typical neighborhood,” and walked through the Ho Chi Minh memorial area. The sights, the sounds, the smells were unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere else in the world. I even shot a movie of a house being built. Totally unique!

Nam speaks English very well. He’s from here. He seems to know the people and has shared several interesting stories about the area.

I’m including in this post a few shots of the magnificent Sofitel Metropole by Lake Hoan Kiem where I’m staying in the French Quarter as well as some from around the city.


And the pictures of the crazy busy city…

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