Another Generous Soul

If you read my posting on June 7th, about  Alan November, you saw a  comment from Janet;  otherwise, I just called your attention to it all.  :o)

You’ll see that she did a little digging and found Martin Dougiamas‘ software called Moodle.  Hmmm, free, open source, and, at the least, very interesting.

I am always amazed when people are so generous and willing to share their creative and intellectual energy openly with the world.  These people are among those that recharge my sometimes depleted belief in the goodness of the human condition.

Martin, who lives in Perth, Australia, also seems to have written a really fine photo-album software package, PhotoFrame, which I’ll explore after I’ve sunk my teeth into Moodle.

What is so ironic about all of this is that, in the last week, I have been actively researching online learning solutions for my students and a photo-album generator to create photo-journals for this site.  The planets must be properly aligned to send me the goodness of others, or, as my father would say, Son, you must be living right..

Thanks, Martin, for sharing with us.  Your kindness and generousity  may touch the lives of thousands of my students!