Just Standing There…

I was driving to work later than I normally do when I first saw him. He was just standing there holding a plastic bag in his right hand, a middle aged fellow with hair almost down to his shoulders. There were about 4 or 5 people standing in front of him, looking up at him actually.

I’m surprised I noticed this much detail because what caught my attention was the fact that he was standing on the outside of the guardrail on the Windy Hill Rd. overpass over I-75 with hundreds of cars speeding below. He intended to get a lot of attention, if not kill himself and the innocent unsuspecting travelers below. I was heading north, and all of the unsuspecting travelers heading south into Atlanta couldn’t see him looming above them since he stood outside the rail on the south side of the overpass.

He was gesturing rather calmly as he spoke. I wondered what he had to say. I wonder if he jumped. Did the people in front of him talk him down? Did the police stop the traffic on the interstate to protect the motorists? What brought him to this point, this place? As of yet, I just don’t know. I called 911.

This Update from the AJC:

For more than two hours, the man stood on the edge of the Windy Hill Bridge, threatening to jump. Then, as an officer grabbed the man’s arms, he fell backward. Several officers grappled for the man, grabbing him by the shirt, but he struggled loose from a hold one officer had on his arms. Officers then grabbed him by the shirt as he dangled from the bridge. A few seconds later, the man slipped out of his striped shirt and fell about 30 feet onto I-75.

Other news sources reported that the man survived the fall with many broken bones. The police reported that the man was still arguing and fighting on the pavement below.