Piedmont Park Lake Clare Reflection Watercolor

Some Tech Recommendations

I guess you can now say that I officially live in Atlanta. We went walking in Piedmont Park where I took the quintessential “Atlanta” photo of the mid-rises reflecting in Lake Clare. The photo turned out nicely. In fact, the photo turned out so nicely I turned it into a watercolor using a new iOS […]

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Vampire Lips Dripping Blood

Bob Jones III Must Be Elated!

Well, hurray for Matt. At least his preferred method of execution of the gay is a bit more humane than Bobby’s, or ISIS’. Perhaps Bobby and Matthew can sit around the campfire (without all that sensuous hand holding!) and sing a rousing round of Kumbaya. They could invite some ISIS dudes to butch it up […]

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Atlanta Symphony Chorus

Great Bumper Sticker

I’m not getting old, Your music just really does suck! Boy is this statement ever the truth. Contemporary music is so ceaselessly repetitive I can barely abide it. Oh, and another bumper sticker also found on the car was for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  

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