Yesterday White Wires, Today We Celebrate No Wires

Technology is all so strange.  Here I sit typing on my wireless computer keyboard (bluetooth) into my computer that is connected wirelessly to a server down in Texas someplace that you are connected to (wirelessly perhaps?) and reading what leaped invisibly through the air at least twice to get to you.  So anyone anywhere in the world can read what… Continue reading

Walking in The Woods Today

This weekend was gorgeous!  In the early morning coolness (60s), I walked in the Emory forest and reflected on one of my university professors from the mid 80s: A small, thin, bearded man who jogged all over the University of Illinois and just seemed to float into the classroom every day, Dr. Clause Witz, who taught me Advanced Statistical Analysis,… Continue reading

Just Thought I Would Share…

This came across my desk in 2000. The world is such a large and difficult place to understand. Dr. Harter’s information helps frame it in a comprehensible perspective: If we could shrink the earth’s population to a villiage of exactly 100 people, with all of the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like the following. There… Continue reading

Celebration #2

Yeah!  Yesterday I posted my 100th Blog entry!  I’ve actually written 115 entries but only posted 100 of them.  Now aren’t you just curious! By the way, I just can’t take it!  I’m off to forage for chocolate!  [Well, no wonder I’m craving chocolate…I’m starving.  I got out of the office and therefore the gym also, late…very late!  I was… Continue reading