Another Look

You see, this is what I’ve been talking about: attacking people instead of coming up with better ideas. No matter what you think of the man, his ideas led to 8 years of prosperity and peace (not to mention 3 consecutive years of budget surpluses). Attacking him personally was merely tyranny obscuring truth, deceiving, manipulating, working to destroy the contest… Continue reading

Good God: I Just Don’t Get It

Why are people so loyal to this man?!  As a dear friend of mine said last Friday night over pizza:  “The reason I’m not voting for Bush is his record, his horrible, horrible record.  All the arguments about Vietnam are the Republicans way of obscuring the fact that the man’s record is a horror!  Good God!  The man is just… Continue reading

Just Sad, That's All

The people of England have been led in Mesopotamia into a trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honour. They have been tricked into it by a steady withholding of information. The Baghdad communiques are belated, insincere, incomplete. Things have been far worse than we have been told, our administration more bloody and inefficient than… Continue reading

Doug Adams Is Cool

Way cool. He falls into that group of people who are willing to share their smarts with the rest of us. Generosity always impresses me! If you use iTunes (and you should! Windows or Mac), then you need to know Doug Adams. He started writing AppleScripts for iTunes several years ago and has amassed quite a large collection of special… Continue reading

Advice from a Father to His Son

In his memoirs, A World Transformed, written five years ago, George Bush Sr. wrote the following to explain why he didn’t go after Saddam Hussein at the end of the Gulf War: “Trying to eliminate Saddam… would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible…We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule… Continue reading

The Corporation

I mentioned last weekend that I saw the movie, The Corporation, which is based on the book by the same name. Finding the movie provocative, I ordered the book. It came in today. I’ll start reading it tonight and am rather confident that it will be the subject of a post or two, maybe an online book discussion group… :o)… Continue reading