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Google Reader and RSS

Well, finally, someone is telling the truth about Google Reader and RSS! I’ve said this from the beginning [my link to my previous post about this issue] and nobody else wrote the truth about it that I could find. Thanks, Marco, for nailing it on the head! Everyone else seems to be spouting the Google […]

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Pied-à-terre: Living Room

Came Together Nicely

So I’ve been in Atlanta for a couple of weeks putting together our pied-à-terre. All of the lights are the new LEDs which use very little electricity and are barely warm to the touch. Inexpensive styling all by the designers at Room and Board (love!); Bed, Bath, and Beyond; Target; Pier 1; and IKEA. All […]

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Grow up

One More Before I Let It Go…

Predictably, after the SCOTUS rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA, the Christian Taliban is crying foul, throwing around their poor me persecution complex. From my friend Jeffrey Hoffman, this was just too well said not to share at every turn: A quick note to the “Christian” Right today: Folks, when you bully somebody long enough […]

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Speak Out

A Brief Moment of Clarity & Consistency

Introduction I have blogged before about Bob Jones University‘s racist history, the current chancellor’s support for stoning gay people (comments made in 1980 to an AP reporter when Jones was president of the institution), and that institution’s persistent subjugation of women. Thinking About Attending Bob Jones University? (focused more on misogyny and racism) Homophobia & Religious […]

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Christian Taliban

Yes, I believe these homegrown religious extremists are every bit as dangerous as their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts. They want to combine church and state and force all of us to live by their ancient and culturally irrelevant beliefs—their narrow lifestyle of choice. Since the SCOTUS rulings, the Christian Taliban has been doing its best to […]

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T Initial

Awesome Photoshop Tip

I have always found using the magic wand to create a selection a bit, well… troubled. Some people call it the “tragic wand.” In some circumstances it works well. In others, not so. Here’s the best way to grab a selection, especially when you are trying to grab graphic elements that have transparency around the […]

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Yet Another Reason…

for us all to despise Facebook: Steve posted to his Facebook timeline that he was pleasantly surprised by the SCOTUS‘s “stunningly sensible” decision ruling that corporations could not patent naturally occurring genes and hoped the SCOTUS would reconsider their disastrous ruling that corporations are people and have the same legal rights as people (specifically: unfettered […]

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Mercedes Gullwing

Biggest Midlife Crisis Ever

I’m assuming this guy was in his 70’s, well into his 70’s. He was rather feeble. He was driving a new Mercedes Gullwing, a stunningly gorgeous car He was so feeble, that getting into and out of the car was sadly comical. The cool, funky door opened to the sky. He took his read end, […]

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