My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Plug Me In[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve used WordPress for 4 years now, ever since version 3.0 was released, but I’ve never written about my favorite WordPress plugins; so, this post is way overdue! Even though I actively use a high number of WordPress plugins, 37 plugins, I’ve decided to only write about the 3 plugins I literally use every single time I use WordPress. … Continue reading

Optimization Behind the Scenes

UCSF Headache CenterOptimization

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]een working like a madman on my blog—optimization under the hood. You know: part of the 10 year celebration has been sprucing things up a bit moving forward.

Aside from the new look, which is temporary, here’s a list of some of the improvements:

[unordered_list style=”star”]
  • Page loads, in your browser, should be dramatically faster: between 4-7 seconds on
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Birthday Karma Abounded

Elephant Bar Logo[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday had some fun birthday karma! Here are just a couple of examples:

Elephant Bar Restaurant

We had lunch at the Elephant Bar Restaurant on 1225 Willow Pass Rd in Concord, CA 94522. (Yes, we were not in our normal neck of the woods!)

First, the food is excellent. Very fresh and healthful. And the decor is fun too! Very … Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

FxFactory Logo No Background[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople who know me are aware of my love of dabbling with photography, video, Final Cut Pro X (FCPx) and the like. FCPx can utilize plugins to help producers realize their creative visions. One such plugin, created by Yanobox, is Nodes, which is distributed through FxFactory.

I first became aware of Nodes, a generative motion graphics plugin, about … Continue reading

Scared the Hebegebees Out of Me

I swear! I must have greatly angered the weather deities! I’ve been experiencing too many weather events of late!

Lightning Strike

I tweeted on March 31st that I saw, no, experienced a dramatic lightning strike just outside the window of my office. Here are some of the details…

  • Just as it struck, the really loud sound of the torrential rain stopped. Total
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The Difference Just 14 Miles Can Make

From time to time I’ve noted, with some interest, the microclimates that abound here in the Bay Area. Yesterday I had an unusual experience, even by Bay Area standards, with how very different these micro climates can be!

McInnis County Park in San Rafael, CA, Facing Mount Tamalpais
McInnis County Park in San Rafael, Facing Mount Tamalpais

Just before dinner at my favorite pizza place—Mulberry Street PizzaContinue reading

Yep, We’re Celebrating Here!

10 Years Blogging Badge

[twocol_one]Ten years ago, in April, 2004, my blog,, was born.

At the time I really didn’t much know what a blog actually was. I was curious about it, though, thinking that it might be a great resource for educators. So, I started my own, to see if this tool is something a teacher might find helpful.

I quickly found … Continue reading

Upsetting the Status Quo…

TeslaI’ve always been of the opinion that upsetting the status quo can be a really good thing. Lots of other people don’t share my way of thinking.

Tesla is a classic example. This company has turned the automotive industry on its head. And when the status quo is upset, the people who start losing money start screaming.

There are over … Continue reading

Of Biblical Proportions…

Horseshoe Cove Fog Descends
Typical Fog Action in the Cove–Pouring in and Down

We frequently walk along the breakwater in the evenings after dinner out. It’s our “us” time—a quiet time in a beautiful area, frequently all alone with the gentle surf, the clanking tack of the sailboats, the barking seals and the caws of the seagulls. Sometimes we get to hear the … Continue reading

You’re Kidding Me, Right?!

Today I was out shooting video and got fried alive.

Terrible sunburn!

Can you believe?! I get burned in the cool breeze off the ocean on a completely overcast day?!

When will I learn?!

Here are two pictures from the day…

Field of Yellow Flowers
Field of Yellow Flowers


Point Bonita Lighthouse
Point Bonita Lighthouse on a Hazy Day


One good thing from the day … Continue reading