Steve Pettit 2014

Should You Attend Bob Jones University?

Should you attend Bob Jones University now that it has a new president? His last name isn’t even Jones. Mr. Steve Pettit, the newly appointed university president, was introduced to the student body on May 10th, by the chairman of the board, Larry Jackson. In a frantic attempt to save the institution (in its current form) […]

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Bicycle Speed Racing

Sausalito Bicycle Speed Racing: Stop the Madness!

I recently learned about the practice of speed biking—where cyclists compete to travel challenging courses as fast as possible, and they post their times on competition websites. Much to my displeasure, Sausalito is part of such a course: Sausalito bicycle speed racing! Serious athletes, cyclists, come blasting down the incredibly steep hills from the Golden […]

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mySQL Database Logo

mySQL Database Test

Today is an important milestone in the ongoing updating and upkeep of my blog. This is the first “test” post to the mySQL database that lives on the A2 server, my new hosting company. You probably will not be able to read this post until after I pull the switch on changing where lives: moving […]

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Nick Tesla Model S Front Parking Pad

Tesla Model S Arrives with Style!

This month, Xm satellite radio has been running a special Billy Joel channel. That guy wrote and performed some absolutely amazing music! But I want to update the lyrics to one of his last century songs: Traded in his Lexus for a Te-sa-la-la-la-la-la-la; You oughta know by now.” Yes, we picked up the Tesla Model […]

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