iWork '09 Logo

Apple iWork ’09 Download

If you want the latest iWork ’09 download updates (from the .0 to the .3 updates) you can download them at this link, as long as Apple keeps it up on their site. It’s well hidden, and Google searches never located it for me. Here is the link:

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Lake Pukaki Partial Pano

Expansive New Zealand Lakes

The New Zealand lakes are spectacular photo ops! Each of these lake shots is comprised of multiple pictures. While I have significantly reduced their size in this post, since I’m uploading them to the web, the original files are enormously large. In fact, the original photo of the second Lake Pukaki shot is made up of 10 […]

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ecco shoes

ecco Shoes Has Great Business Practice

I called the San Francisco ecco store to order a pair. They didn’t have both in stock and gave me their customer service number, from which I was told I could order the shoe strings. I called them and explained my objective. Regrettably, they don’t sell them. But the lady volunteered to mail me out replacement shoe […]

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Dock for Hotel Blue, Sydney, Play Button

Hotel Blue, Sydney, on Dock 8: Panorama

From this vantage point you can see downtown Sydney, the marina (with some very nice boats in it), the Royal Botanical Gardens (an astounding place!), and the Australian Navy yard.  At the end of the dock is a large building. We were told, by reliable sources, that this is the residence of Australian actor Russell Crowe.

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The Gorgeous Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

I’m going through the 3,500 photos I shot in New Zealand, and this is one of my favorites so far. It’s actually 2 photos stitched together. The views were astoundingly expansive. One photo would never capture what nature presented for wonder. And, as beautiful as the photo is, if I say so myself, it doesn’t begin to […]

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Main Street in Downtown Franz Josef Glacier

NZ’s Southern Alps Helicopter Adventure

During the flight, we landed the helicopter high atop Mount Tasman and got out and walked around, sinking up to our knees in the snow. The views were expansive—all the way to the Tasman Sea. The snow from Mount Tasman creates the Fox Glacier. Seeing the snow from above cracking and creating thousands of enormous crevasses was a first for me.

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