Announcing My New Phone Number

Beverly Hills 90210I just posted a moment ago that I switched mobile carriers (from AT&T to T-Mobile).

I also chose to change mobile numbers. I had a Beverly Hills area code (310) from my Los Angeles days and have now changed to a San Francisco Bay Area area code (415). After all, I do feel more like a hipster from the … Continue reading

Changing Mobile Carriers

T-Mobile logoI’ve had an iPhone since they originally were introduced seven years ago. I actually waited in line for several hours at the Apple store in Lenox mall, Atlanta, Georgia. I posted about that experience back in the day. I’m one of those few remaining users who got AT&T’s unlimited data plan.

But I’ve always hated AT&T1. To … Continue reading


Money Head GraphicThe promise of technology was to democratize the world and bring us all together. Hmm…

I’m thinking it has done more to place people in isolated silos than bring them together. I watch people at the dinner table not be present but rather be online. I’ve been exploring this notion for some time.

This video is exceptionally well done. Shimi … Continue reading

Corporations Versus People

I think we live in the strangest of times: Corporations are considered people, and people are considered mere data points: test scores in school and profit margins as adults.

And I continue to be revolted by religion, all over the world, including the fundamentalist movement in this nation, that tries to control women’s sexuality. It’s just some perverse, bizarre fixation … Continue reading

Paint the Barn

I recall, as a young child, hearing misogynist preachers say, “If the ole barn needs painting’, slap a coat on it.”. They were referring to their own enlightenment in allowing “liberated” women to now wear make up! I think they were trying to be funny while letting everyone know that God was now cool with women painting themselves. What simple … Continue reading