Strangely Silent Usually Means…

ferociously busy. Every free moment that I’ve had has been poured into this strange silence. But the silence is about to be broken! Soon, very, very soon (we’re talking just a matter of hours) the big announcement everyone has been waiting for, for years and years, waiting on pins and needles, will be made with fanfare and flourish! But not… Continue reading

Religious Persecution

And another thing that makes me rigorously angry about the California Supreme Court’s decision and much of the work of the Bush administration: this is classic religious persecution–not where the religious are persecuted, but where those who do not share narrowly defined religious beliefs are forced to live within their context regardless. Religious ideology typically is rather narrow and highly… Continue reading

Always In the Name of God

"Whites Only" by jonnyphoto - Flickr (CC) As child I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears ministers standing in the pulpit spewing hatred against black people. I heard them talk about the Bible’s endorsement of slavery. I heard them say that slaves were to serve their masters as part of God’s plan. I heard them… Continue reading

Who Are the Bad Guys Now?

Coyboy Hat by Roy Montgomery @ Flickr (CC) I’ve mentioned before on this blog, and those who know me are already aware of my very conservative upbringing—in fact, ultra conservative would not at all be an over statement. The conservatives of my youth were people who committed themselves to always doing what they believed was right, no matter what it… Continue reading

Design Matters, a Lot, Actually

And by design, I am referring to ease of use as well, which must be the product of careful, thoughtful design. Tonight I had dinner with Steve. We had talked about going to the Outback Steakhouse but decided on another location, with which we were familiar, for steak. I had been to the Outback Steakhouse at least nine months ago,… Continue reading

Angels & Demons

I greatly enjoyed all of Dan Brown’s books. I suspect one of the reasons I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons so, aside from the fact Dan is an excellent writer, is that I had been to so many of the places about which he writes. (I’m including a couple of pictures I shot of two of… Continue reading

Another Earthquake

While the other earthquakes have been basically slow steady rumbles, this one felt more intense and in the middle of it had a real kick that jarred everything. It knocked my computer monitor out of place! This magnitude 4.1 earthquake was also located in Hawthorne, CA, 4.88 miles from the house–very close to the last epicenter. The depth was 7.5… Continue reading

I Felt the Earth… Move… Under My Feet

Sounds like a song, doesn’t it! Well, Last night I felt my third and fourth earthquakes since living here in Southern California. I had already fallen asleep but was immediately awakened with the house rumbling. The sound of the earth moving is quite unsettling–more than feeling the house shaking. I wondered if I needed to get out of the house,… Continue reading

Redesign Basically Completed

Well, after hours and hours of retooling all of the CSS files that make look the way it looks (basically starting over again using the CSS code done by Mena Trott as a base starting point.), after rewriting the template files to accomodate the traditional feel of, and after reworking some of the ancillary pages that link from… Continue reading