Well Said!

the events of the last few months should have etched indelibly on the national psyche the conclusion that laissez faire, robber-baron capitalism—the Great Idea of the conservative movement—has proven a dreadful failure. … George W. Bush and the Republican Congress did not abandon the legacy of Ronald Reagan. They fulfilled it. Reagan branded in the popular imagination the notion that… Continue reading

Shaking The Jester's Bauble

Asked by People magazine what moments from the last eight years he revisited most often, W. talked passionately about…” [Source: New York Times: An Extremist Makeover?] Now, in the extraordinary times represented by the last 8 years, what would you expect the president of the United States to say? Could it be the fact that his administration was completely and… Continue reading

The Exact Opposite

Find out what’s on the exact opposite side of the earth from you at this link. I’m in California. If I drilled through the earth in a straight line, I would pop out in the Indian Ocean. Hmmm… Madagascar, now that would be a nice place to photograph!… Continue reading

Getting Giddy!

Just one more week with a buffoon in the White House! I’m beside myself with gleeful anticipation. But what will comedians do without a national court jester? To start the celebration, enjoy this from David Letterman: the top 10 Bush moments caught on film.… Continue reading

But, It's January!

High today of 82º?! And I just came in from showing the sprinkler guy what needs to be tweaked in the yard’s sprinkler system. You know, here in the desert, since it never rains, if you don’t regularly water the yard, it dies! I think it’s already gone higher than they forecast! It’s way too hot for January!!… Continue reading

Nuke It!

I’m sure everyone wonders what would happen if I nuked this, that, or the other in the microwave. Well, the folks at this website shot video of various things being microwaved until they were destroyed: christmas lights, eggs, soap, etc. My favorite are the eggs.… Continue reading

Google’s Carbon Footprint

This is fascinating. I knew that data centers required massive amounts of power to run the computers and keep them cool, but I hadn’t thought of it in these terms. How much CO2 does a google search produce if a google search produces CO2? Well, Harvard physicist Alex Wissner-Gross did the math: a typical search generates about 7g of CO2… Continue reading