Snow Storm and the Metro

Apparently the Metro has had issues in the UK because of the snow storms. “The rail service is knackered and there is no timetable, Alex Bench, a spokesman for the British Transport Police. I had never heard of the word “knackered,” but it exists.… Continue reading

Product Loyalty

What creates a sense of identity between a customer and a product or company? I’m sure a great deal of money has been spent trying to articulate an answer. In many cases today, it’s lifestyle. I suspect that Apple, Inc., for example, isn’t selling computers and iPods, they are selling a lifestyle. Starbucks sells lifestyle, not overpriced coffee. But sometimes… Continue reading

About Time!

Government intervention in the market place, in corporate America?? “Socialism” is the cry of the neo-cons. I call it horse sense. Public money should come with significant regulation, especially when it is being giving to welfare corporations that have stolen the American dream to fill their own greedy pockets. Hell, I suspect a close examination would probably land some of… Continue reading

Not Just Free WiFi: The Icing on the Cake!

The Manchester – Boston Airport is really nice. The last time I was here I was also impressed. It’s design is clean, minimalist, sunny, and open–making generous use of glass in the ceilings as well as the walls. The people are courteous and efficient. The space just has a very positive, bright energy about it. But best of all, pull… Continue reading

Well Stated!

Shouldn’t Limbaugh be in prison? I mean, didn’t he admit to criminal activity? Limbaugh and many of his listeners have said they hope Obama will fail. That means they want America to fail. Or, at least, they want the kind of America that Obama stands for to fail – you know, the one where civil liberties are respected, where the… Continue reading

Apocalypse Now

Yes, you are looking at an icy tomb for an unidentified body lying at the bottom of an elevator shaft in an abandoned building that once housed school textbooks and supplies. Numerous people, while fully aware of the body, ignored its presence for at least a month. A news reporter had to call police, 911, and the fire department multiple… Continue reading

Eruption Expected Soon

I thought this would be a good time to post a couple of photographs I took of Mount Redoubt in Alaska back in August, 2007 while driving down to Homer, as scientists are predicting the volcano will erupt soon given its current increase in seismic activity. Alaskans are preparing for the eruption. You can visit my photo albums of the… Continue reading


These “lightbulbs” are in fact speakers. But, if they really wanted to impress me, the sound energy would provide light from the speakers as well! From Boing Boing: Castiglione Morelli is the latest designer to toy rudely with our expectations of thermodynamic energy transfer.… Continue reading