The Animaux Sauvage

Conrad goes by numerous names: Conrad, Conrad the Kat, the iBeast, Beast, and lately Animaux Sauvage. He has been out of control lately——always jumping up on the desk while I’m working, requiring constant petting, and demanding his “fresh kill” by stalking the cabinets all over the house through the night. He can actually open them in his search for unsuspecting… Continue reading

Fried My Brain

I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of days adding a footer to this blog. I do these things so I will know how to do them on my professional blog without “blowing it up.” I have to confess that this was a much more difficult task than I first thought, for several reasons: I’m learning to better… Continue reading

Celebrating Earth Day

What better way for the ladies to celebrate Earth Day than to wear LeeAnn Herreid’s fully functioning Thermoscope Earrings, which are attractively set in sterling silver. Of course, lots of guys are now wearing earrings as well. So I guess you too can get in on the action. The earrings, while fully functional, do not have actual numeric values for… Continue reading

Canadian Rockies

I mentioned a day or two ago that I spent almost two weeks in the Canadian Rockies–about a month ago now. I spent some time today working on an album which will still require a few more days to complete. This picture below is a collection of about 16 photographs (2 rows of 8) that I aligned using Photoshop. It’s… Continue reading


As everyone knows, I’ve been exceedingly busy, traveling all over the place. I’ve not even mentioned the fact that I was in the Canadian Rockies for a couple of weeks, several weeks ago now. I shot almost 2,000 pictures of the glorious drama that makes up that part of the world. But this week, I’m home all week! I’ve been… Continue reading

Lock and Load Baby

So gun and ammo sales are skyrocketing. Yes, lets get every American an assault rifle because, by God, it’s their right. And lets do it while more and more people are cracking under the pressure of the horrid economic mess the Republican party created in a mere 8 years while enriching the greedy and wealthy. No matter that more and… Continue reading

I Hate AT&T

I love my iPhone but hate AT&T’s network. I remember way back in the days of their monopoly when long distance calls had so much “snow” in the call that often the person to whom you were talking just faded away into the noise. Well yesterday, my iPhone had 3 bars of signal. I placed a call 6 times before… Continue reading