Already Out of Control!

You knew this would happen. We pass a law to protect us. Then we pass a law to protect us from the law we passed to protect us. Insanity! And am I the only person on earth sick of hearing about Code Orange every time I go into an airport? Enough already! The House overwhelmingly adopted legislation this week mandating… Continue reading

Shocking Question

I’ve often marveled at the juxtaposition or right and wrong. For example: we would put a person (who is poor and has few resources) in prison for stealing a loaf of bread at the super market, yet we seem to let business executives (with wealth, privilege, and political influence) steal vast sums of money from people’s retirement plans and the… Continue reading

Big Brother Wants to Beat You (in private)

A foul stench is in the air! The fact that such a thing would even be considered in the UK smacks of abuse of power!!! I’m shocked the Republican party hasn’t already done this in the US! What do they have to hide? And don’t even try to use the words terrorism or terrorist. Unrestrained power seems to want to… Continue reading

Snow Storm and the Metro

Apparently the Metro has had issues in the UK because of the snow storms. “The rail service is knackered and there is no timetable, Alex Bench, a spokesman for the British Transport Police. I had never heard of the word “knackered,” but it exists.… Continue reading

Product Loyalty

What creates a sense of identity between a customer and a product or company? I’m sure a great deal of money has been spent trying to articulate an answer. In many cases today, it’s lifestyle. I suspect that Apple, Inc., for example, isn’t selling computers and iPods, they are selling a lifestyle. Starbucks sells lifestyle, not overpriced coffee. But sometimes… Continue reading

About Time!

Government intervention in the market place, in corporate America?? “Socialism” is the cry of the neo-cons. I call it horse sense. Public money should come with significant regulation, especially when it is being giving to welfare corporations that have stolen the American dream to fill their own greedy pockets. Hell, I suspect a close examination would probably land some of… Continue reading

Not Just Free WiFi: The Icing on the Cake!

The Manchester – Boston Airport is really nice. The last time I was here I was also impressed. It’s design is clean, minimalist, sunny, and open–making generous use of glass in the ceilings as well as the walls. The people are courteous and efficient. The space just has a very positive, bright energy about it. But best of all, pull… Continue reading