Te Anau Lake View from the Lodge

New Zealand: Day 9 – Te Anau

We arrived in Te Anau around 3:00pm. The first thing I said when I got out of the car was, “I’m not milking the cows in the morning!” Our destination looked more like a very lovely home than a lodge. In fact, we started to drive away, convinced we had pulled up onto someone’ large farm […]

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The Remarkables

New Zealand: Day 8 – Exploring the Queenstown Area

I then realized that she thought I was searching for a real Kiwi bird that had been shot, killed and taxidermied. I quickly responded, “No, no, no. I’m not looking for a real Kiwi that has been stuffed. I’m looking for a fuzzy toy replica of a Kiwi.” It took a second for this to register through […]

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The Matakauri Room View: Cecil Peak

New Zealand: Day 7 – Mount Cook National Park to Queenstown

“Views” is such an understatement. I’m sitting here, writing, looking out at Lake Wakatipu. The whole front of the villa is glass. A steamship, the TSS Earnslaw, commissioned in 1912 (the same year as the Titanic and built by the same company), is sailing out in the large blue-green lake against the backdrop of a stunning snow-capped […]

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Take Off San Francisco to LA to Sydney to Christchurch

New Zealand: Day 1 – Travel Day(s)

Australia’s plant and animal life is incredibly unique. The large, white cockatoos that were flying about make the loudest, most terrifying, shrill screech you can imagine. A flock of them is deafening! Alfred Hitchcock should have used these guys in his movie, The Birds.

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