Closing the Doors at

My final blog post at will be published on my blog’s 20th birthday: March 19, 2024.1 My blog,, will permanently go offline on April 27, 2024. On May 21, 2024, our photos, hosted on SmugMug, will permanently go offline.2 My panoramas, hosted on 360Cities, will remain online indefinitely.3 My videos, hosted on YouTube, will remain online indefinitely.4 All… Continue reading

JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations

Below is a link to Beatrice Rana’s 2017 recording of JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations. I’ve been listening to them today. I’ve always found JS Bach’s music puts the energy in the world back in balance once again. “BBC New Generation Artist Beatrice Rana sets her sights on Bach in this dignified reading of the Goldberg Variations. Treating every ornamentation and… Continue reading

Setting Up the Apple TV 4K for Lossless Music and Dolby Atmos with the Sonos Arc Surround Sound System: Settings After the New Installation

Table of Contents OverviewThe Current SettingsApple TV Video SettingsApple TV Audio SettingsSony  XBR-65X900C TV Video SettingsSony  XBR-65X900C TV Audio SettingsiPhone Apple Music App SettingsApple TV’s Music App SettingsComputer Apple Music App’s SettingsGeneral TabPlayback TabArcana SettingsDigital Concert Hall App by the Berlin PhilharmonicImportant Take-AwaysOther Posts in This SeriesPost One: Setting Up the Apple TV 4K for Lossless Music and Dolby Atmos… Continue reading

Setting Up the Apple TV 4K for Lossless Music and Dolby Atmos with the Sonos Arc Surround Sound System: Installing the New Hardware

Table of Contents Previously in this SeriesPromised and Now DeliveringWhy the Delay? Two More ThingsInstalling the New Hardware4K Arcana 18GBPS HDMI SplitterSonos Arc SoundbarSonos SubwooferThe Two Sonos OnesTrueplayMost Difficult PartHow To Change the Digital Concert Hall App Audio Settings to Use Lossless Dolby AtmosSo, How Does Dolby Atmos Sound on the Sonos Speakers?Bottom LineHow Does the New System WorkRemaining Problems:Concluding ThoughtsOther… Continue reading

A Rainy and Cold Spring in the Pacific Northwest

This spring has been incredibly rainy and astonishingly cold compared to Springtime in Atlanta or even here last spring. We’ve had mornings in the high 30’s in May! And we have had a total of almost 40″ of rain here at the house this year so far. Storm after storm rolls in from the Pacific Ocean. Here is a four-picture… Continue reading

New Glasses (Lens and Frames)

We finally got back to the optometrist after years of not “seeing” him because of the pandemic. When he checked my eyes, he said the optical characteristics of my eyes have changed significantly. In fact, one of my eyes now uses very little correction. He showed me the world through my current prescription lenses and then the new ones he… Continue reading

Am I Now a Professional Photographer?

I’ve always thought you were classified as a professional when you got paid to do something. You were considered an amateur when you did “whatever” without financial payment. I’m not sure where I got this notion. Through the years I’ve had people offer to purchase my photos for various reasons. I always turned them down. I didn’t shoot photos for… Continue reading