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Solstice 2015 Jean-Efflam Bavouzet Your Cemetery Experience Survey AppleTV K-mart Logo Baselamp close-up showing on/off touch surface Tim Little Planet Headlands School Budget Cuts Ultimate Ears Big Dig Sewer Replacement 02 Wednesday, September 2, 2015, just before lunch Spotispy (spoof on Spotisfy) Delta Lounge Westmark Baranof Inside Plane IMG_0630-Alaska-Inner-Passage-2015-1024 Boots at Bear Track Inn Bear Track Inn The iPhone doesn't capture how enormous these mountains are. IMG_0162-Alaska-Inner-Passage-2015-1024 IMG_0087 Franklin Graham Happy Birthday Cupcakes Land-o-Lakes Cheese Product lawnmower Apple: It just works (used to) stick figure kids Smartphones Being Wrong USGS Bay Color Zoom Out Chelsea's Mom by Well-Strung President Obama Sings Amazing Grace At Pinckney Eulogy SCOTUS Marriage Equality Wedding Rings MtDNA Haplogroup: T2b (Likely ancestry 25% European)
SRY Gene: absent
Gender: Female
rs12913832: AA
Likely Eye Color: Brown
rs4648379: CT
Slightly larger nose size
rs6548238: TT
Slightly lower odds for obesity pedal desk Streets of San Francisco Southern Baptist Sign Jon Stewart Al Mohler, Photo by James Thompson Running Group Wells Fargo Sign American Flag bee Our EVs: Nissan Leaf, Tesla Colgate (Front) Caitlyn Jenner SFS Principal Violist Ireland Marriage Equality Vote Watercolor of WCT Colonnade Movie Battery Specs Tesla Powerwall Warning Do Not Read Justice Scales Maslow Basic Needs WiFi Google Fiber Logo Comcast Lands End and the Golden Gate Bridge Sa Chen with Conductor Vasily Petrenko and the San Francisco Symphony escalator