Virgil Thrasher (b. 1943)

The Background

Just out of college, Tim was in desperate need of something to hang on the walls that was better than his old “college days posters” held to the sheet rock with thumb tacks! Off to the frame store in Northgate Mall, Durham, North Carolina, where he discovered Virgil Thrasher’s silk lithographs. These two pieces have always been among his favorites, perhaps calling him to eventually live on the northern California Pacific coastline, a place he cherishes. Tim has prominently displayed these lithographs in every home in which he has lived.

The Piece

Virgil Thrasher - Bay Moon
Virgil Thrasher – Bay Moon
Virgil Thrasher - Lake View
Virgil Thrasher – Lake View


The Artist

Regrettably, little information can be found today about Virgil Thrasher as he was producing work prior to the internet and has no internet presence. Other than numerous photographs of his prints, very little can be found online about him or his work. At present, this is all that is known:

Virgil Thrasher was born in Sacramento, California in 1943.  A self-taught artist, he exhibited for the first time in 1963 in Monterey, California, and he has shown in numerous California galleries since that time.  A listing on Craigslist once noted: “Mr. Thrasher is a California artist that combines art painted on glass scenic background to give a neat dimensional effect.” This may have been a very early, starving artist “boardwalk” piece. Photos of this type of work can be found online.

Virgil Thrasher Printmaker, Ltd. filed numerous copyrights from 1982 – 1984 when he produced numerous limited run lithographs. No records are shown after that date.

Several auction references to Thrasher prints, most of which were numbered and appear to be scenes along the California coast, can be found on the Internet.  Secondary market values range from $25.00 to $125.00.  Internet art galleries ask $250.00 plus.

A Thrasher print has more decorative than collector value.  Values would be higher in California and along coastal areas, the subject matter appealing to those decorating homes in these regions.

California Secretary Of State Business Registration
Virgil Thrasher/Printmaker, Ltd. is a California Corporation filed on September 10, 1981. The company’s filing status is listed as Dissolved and its File Number is C1089668.

The Registered Agent on file for this company was Virgil Thrasher who was located at 3399 Crestline Way, Soquel, CA, south of San Francisco – about half way between San Jose and Monterey. The company’s principal address was the same.

The company had one principal on record: Virgil Thrasher from Soquel CA.

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19 thoughts on “Virgil Thrasher (b. 1943)”

  1. I purchased ‘Night Wharf’ in 1981. It is very similar to ‘Bay Moon’ above, but horizontal layout. Still enjoy it after all these years.

  2. Have a Virgil Thrasher print titled River Bank print #223. Looked all over the internet but haven’t seen another print. Trying to find out the value of my print.

  3. I have a Virgil Thrasher called the wheat 1975 is on back and look’s like it is number 145.
    Trying to figure the value if any.
    Anyone have a clue to value?

  4. Would anyone be interested in purchasing his works ? I have more than a few hundred from an art gallery located in California , some of which I might have the only copies too i.e. 1-350 I have all 350 of them , titles such as ” cresent bay 4 ” cresent bay 3″ cresent bay 2 ” golden woods ” snow fight ” lakewood ” and more than a few misc.

    You are More than welcome to contact me , these are numbered , signed and some named in pencil.

    1. By publishing Erik’s comment, I am in no way endorsing his offer. I do not know him or the legitimacy of what he is offering, and I will not receive any benefit from any transactions he might make. I only offer his comment/sales pitch here because I have always liked Virgil’s screened prints and don’t know of anyone selling them today.

    2. Do you have Canyon flight? I purchased two in 1986 that went together side by side as a continuation but, sadly, they we destroyed in 2005 in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

    1. I’m no art historian by any means, but same part of the country (visual thematic unity) and same artist process. The color pallet of James Hagen, at least based on a quick Google search, is rather consistent to his body of work but different from Thrashers. Still, they evoke a similar feeling. Since they seems to be roughly the same age, perhaps that were in the same art class. (kidding)

      Thx for the comment. I was unfamiliar with James Hagen.

    2. I thought that too. I bought one of each and visitors can’t believe that they are two different artists. It might have been a popular style at the time.

  5. Stumbled onto your site looking for info on Virgil Thrasher. We have enjoyed his “Moon Cast” since the 80s. It’s a winter, wooded scene in his typical style and palette. I hope to see more interesting things here.

  6. Received Farm Pond A/P as a gift in 1980. Love it! Came across 2 other Thrashers years later which I purchased – Fence Line 18/375 1987? and Still Pond 21/300 1987?. Enjoy the entire collection!

  7. We were lucky to have won two Virgil Thrashers at a local online auction. Half Moon Bay 13/100, 1979 and Bay Boats 45/275, 1980. We love them!

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