Karen Dupre

Karen Dupre

The Background

Finding a piece with a sufficient scale appropriately for the entire back wall in the dining room was a bit of a challenge; so, we had one specially made for the wall. We had seen this piece, Betula Silvas, in a smaller form and asked if the artist, Karen Dupre, could make it in the larger size the wall needed. Three months later, this piece arrived at the house.

The Piece

Karen Dupre - Betula Silvas

Karen DupreThe Artist

Dupre was born in L.A. County, California. She is a self-taught artist whose first inspiration stemmed from her interest in horses. This fascination quickly led her to translate the powerful splendor of these animals and other wildlife into drawing. At age nine, she began working in pastels, which soon progressed into the use of other mediums, primarily acrylic paints.

Artistic inspiration comes to the artist from a variety of sources, especially from Nineteenth Century artists Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Frederic Remington, Auguste Renoir, and John Singer Sargent. She is also drawn to the illustrative work of N.C. Wyeth, whose children’s illustration and advertising art proliferated during the early Twentieth Century. But it is the Nineteenth Century which holds a special interest for Dupre as a time when artists were challenging the established ideals and shaping their own schools of artistic thought. Reflecting that daring thinking, Dupre strives to expand her artistic expression and style, both in color and composition, never limiting herself to conventional artistic standards. And although she has broadened her repertoire in recent years to include landscapes, still-life and figurative painting, she has never abandoned her love of the wildlife that first sparked her imagination.

Dupre’s paintings reflect her versatility with a variety of subject matter, ranging from calm landscapes and pristine table settings to bold images of exotic animals. Whether she paints tranquil little sail boats against a dazzling sky or elegant people at play, there is always a sense of harmony and balance in her work. The subtle brushwork which she uses to render the play of light and shadow allow her to adeptly capture a fleeting moment in time and transport the viewer to that place of serenity. Dupre’s unique style handsomely demonstrates her ability to transcend traditional parameters and to continually challenge herself to find new and exciting avenues of expression.

Dupre has been a world traveler and would like to plan a tour of Great Britain, anxious to paint the landscape, rich with history and beauty. In addition to her art, Dupre enjoys archery and singing. She spends much of her time behind the microphone and when she is not at the easel painting, it is very likely that she can be found on stage before a live and captivated audience.

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  1. I found a very large canvas of K Dupre’s’ in our Goodwill I knw it is her painting. The image of this picture is under her name. Of works. How do I found out if it is an original. It is signed

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