Great CSS Border Radius Tool

Jacob Bijani, Tumblr’s Creative Director, said I always have to stop and think when setting a border radius in CSS, so I built a tool for it. And so, was born. Easy, intuitive, interactive, practical, and gorgeously designed.… Continue reading

Google: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Much Information

While appreciating their search functionality, I’ve been rather ambivalent about Google. But in recent days, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore other options aside from using Google exclusively for so many things. Yesterday I went to demonstrate setting up a free Blogger account. Now Google requires the user give Google a cell phone number to set up a… Continue reading

Have I Mentioned Change Recently?

So you hopped onto my website just now and… Wait, what’s that? I mean, am I hearing things? What’s going on? This is strange. Well, what if everyone on the planet could have their own television station and broadcast to everyone else on the planet. And, what if it were free? Well, that’s what I’ve done. Welcome to Tyson-TV! Broadcasting… Continue reading

Where Is Everyone?!

I love this map! I’ve seen this data before, but it was always presented in a static format. Using this map, however, you can change the age range. I am rather suprised it varies so much from youth to aged: more single males at the younger range and more single females (assuming their spouses have died) at the older range.… Continue reading

Boring! No More…

OK, I just looked over my last jillion posts and realized I’ve got to get off the politics. It’s killing me. All the negativity. Yuck. Glad politics isn’t what I do for a living. So, on to something different. How about this little GUI that searches for T-shirts. You type in a keyword and it searches for T-shirts related to… Continue reading

Not Sure What It Means

if anything, but this post by photographer Thomas Hawk about Obama’s language and McCain’s language in recent speeches is curious for thought. His idea was clever: go to Real Clear Politics, copy and paste the text of one of their recent speeches into Wordle to get a visual of the words most frequently used. I suspect that, given a large… Continue reading

Back to My Mac

After being on the phone for the past 6 hours talking with Apple, Verizon, and Linksys, I finally have Back to My Mac up and working. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Which leads to me wonder, what mere mortal on this planet would go through all of this to get this service to work? How many people are actually… Continue reading

Cool Tool Alert: My Oh My! The Times in Which We Live…

Who ever would have thought… Too often technology just complicates my life. (Some of you are thinking: I can’t believe you just said that! But it’s true.) I guess we have to take the good with the bad, because life in any time has both. But sometimes a technology comes along that really makes me smile. This post is about… Continue reading