Dealing with @Verizon Is Maddening As Hell!

We have one of the new 4G LTE cards from @Verizon.  I went over the data limit last month and incurred a $10 surcharge, so I want to set up My Verizon on my iPhone and iPad so I can monitor the data usage to determine if we will need a plan with greater bandwidth. Holy $#&*, nothing could be… Continue reading

AT&T and Verizon Kiss and Make Up

After hemorrhaging bad PR and making a no-win situation as bad as it could possibly be, AT&T dropped the lawsuit, which they were destined to lose, against Verizon. Verizon, in a gesture of kindness, dropped their countersuit against what I consider to be the big, bad, mean, money grubbing machine: AT&T. AT&T succeeded in making the Verizon “There’s a Map… Continue reading

That’s Right: Tell It Like It Is!

My dislike of AT&T has been no secret on my blog. Others have shared similar disgust both in my blog’s comments section and in personal email. To recap just a single reason AT&T has earned my ire: Because AT&T will not offer me the tethered wireless internet connection* my iPhone supports, I have a Verizon wireless card that allows me… Continue reading