Australia: Days 13 and 14 — Travel from Sydney to LA

Well, I must confess that I am writing and publishing this post the night before I leave Australia. So, no, mother, I’m not home yet. I haven’t even left Australia. Of all the vacations I’ve ever taken, this one has been the most exhausting and the most rewarding. I am near death! I’m very strange in many ways. One way:… Continue reading

Australia: Day 5 – Ayers Rock

Uluru, the local name for Ayers Rock, was half engulfed in a dense cloud cover today.  The rain was a fairly constant drizzle. At first I was disappointed that I wouldn’t see the sunrise on the rock, it glistening red no the horizon, but then I realized that the local chatter was true:  we were seeing the rock as few… Continue reading

Australia: Day 4 – Travel Day to Ayers Rock

Today is a a travel day from Hobart to Ayers Rock via Canberra and Sydney.  They day started at 3:00am Sydney time, and every flight featured loud, obnoxious children under the age of 4 behind me.  One started kicking the back of my chair until I said loudly, “What the hell?!” as I turned and starred at the parent.  Do… Continue reading