Australia: Day 12 — Blue Sydney & The Birds and Beasts

In a previous post, I mentioned the cool, historic, renovated hotel, built in 1897, at which I’m staying:  Blue Sydney.  The building looks the same on the outside as it always did, a condition of the permit to renovate. The entrance still feels very much like a warehouse, but the rooms are warm and welcoming.  The room in which I’m… Continue reading

Australia: Day 2 — Tasmania

Tasmania is without doubt one of the world’s best kept secrets, and frankly, I want to keep it that way. Unspoiled. Undeveloped. Pristine. Gorgeous. In many ways this country reminds me of Norway with it expansive coast lines, rolling hills, and untouched beauty. Their use of the English language has some great twists: Grass Slashed (cutting the grass), Caution When… Continue reading