Who Could Ever Have Imagined?!

I’m confident that no one could have imagined an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I mean, we’ve never had such a thing before.  The existence of entire ecosystems have never been threatened before.  People’s livelihoods have never before been decimated by an oil spill, say:  in Alaska.  How could anyone have anticipated such a thing? Besides, we have… Continue reading

Cheesy Opportunitst

If you ask me, and because you’ve visited my blog—you have, Sarah Palin is nothing more than a cheesy opportunist. She quits public service because she can make money, lots of it. Well, the people of Alaska are probably better off. Now Sarah plays the role of the court jester on the national stage, and she’s getting rich doing it.… Continue reading

Andy Borowitz Outdoes Himself

Two hysterical important press releases from the Borowitz Report: NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – One day after announcing that she would be a commentator on the Fox News Channel, the network revealed that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s appearances would be simulcast in English. “We are delighted that Gov. Palin will, for the first time, be understandable to the… Continue reading

The Palin Problem

We all know Sarah is now an employee of Rupert Murdoch. What we didn’t know, until the book and the recent 60 Minutes episode, was the astounding level of her lack of qualification for being being a heartbeat away from the presidency. But that didn’t matter to her at all, because “It was God‘s will” for her to be the… Continue reading

He Really IS an Idiot

Shouldn’t this guy, of all guys, be aware that his statement is beyond simply untrue; it is absurd to the extreme! I was ambivalent about the former mayor. Now I think Rudy Giuliani is crazy. Or, maybe he’s very, very smart: the Republicans are trying to rewrite the history of their unspeakable failures. If you say it enough times, people… Continue reading

I’ll Be an Activist Before It’s All Said and Done

I took my money out of WaMu when it bellied up and was taken over by a bank that then had to receive bailout money. I wasn’t fearful I would lose my money; I was outraged at banking mismanagement, abuse, greed, and more! Years ago I went to a single credit card with no fees that automatically pays itself off… Continue reading

When Will Republicans Realize

They live in glass houses like everyone else?! John McCain, in his first major decision related to running the country, made a catastrophic blunder! The Blue Skunk tries to stay as apolitical as possible (weak stomach) but when this came across the state listserv this morning, the intellectual freedom fighter in me couldn’t resist sharing it. Excerpt from: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/03/us/politics/03wasilla.html Shortly… Continue reading