Selling Prejudice for Profit

Look carefully at my Solstice Gnome. Who does he look like that’s been in the news for his prejudiced remarks lately? The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without my commenting on some of the ignorant remarks given national attention this year, during this year’s horrific “War on Christmas.” Jesus is white? (Riiiiiiight!! And the manger accepted the Gold Card, too.)… Continue reading

A Few Holiday Photos

Today, the holiday cheer is being packed up in boxes.  But before all good things come to an end, a few photos, including some very rare shots of the little know Christmas Fairies.  They are very difficult to photograph because they only appear in the wee hours of twilight and flit about near the ceilings and fireplaces, all bundled up… Continue reading

Closely Following Santa…

I have been closely tracking Santa since he left the North Pole (Shanghai, China) on June 15th at 8:58AM. The next place he showed up on my radar was in Anchorage, Alaska at 2:13PM on the “same day.” Next he was spotted in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 12:25AM on June 16th. This morning, at 5:58AM, he was located in Hapeville, GA.… Continue reading