Macaroni Grill

Image via Wikipedia I eat out a lot, no r-e-a-l-l-y a lot. And one the things that really frustrates me with today’s restaurants is portion size and cost. Frequently a dessert will cost about $7 and be of an obscene size, large enough for two people. This actually disgusts me as it promotes eating too much and is wasteful. I’ve… Continue reading

So Typically American

Tonight I ate at one of the regular restaurants in my rotation. It was chilly (and extremely windy) eating out on the patio, but nonetheless, many of the tables were taken. Being Mother’s Day, they were unusually busy. After having ordered, across the restaurant I heard a patron complaining rather loudly and angrily that he and his party had been… Continue reading

Update on the Closing of The Silver Grill

I have posted several times on my blog over the years about The Silver Grill restaurant: The End of an Atlanta Tradition In Piedmont Park Lunch with JR: Should It Be Outlawed? The Last Supper Red Menu After breakfast and shopping at Home Depot and grocery shopping at Whole Foods (both on Ponce de Leon Avenue near American Roadhouse, where… Continue reading