Freedom Flow

You know, all of this time I had it all wrong. The leaking oil well that belongs to the lying BP corporation should have a better PR image. Therefore, from this point forward, the Republican spin machine has designated that all media outlets and all Republican party officials will at all times refer to the environmental catastrophe as: The Freedom… Continue reading

Cheesy Opportunitst

If you ask me, and because you’ve visited my blog—you have, Sarah Palin is nothing more than a cheesy opportunist. She quits public service because she can make money, lots of it. Well, the people of Alaska are probably better off. Now Sarah plays the role of the court jester on the national stage, and she’s getting rich doing it.… Continue reading

My Growing Disgust Now Becomes Outrage!

The extreme, religious right-wing conservatives have won yet another significant victory in their efforts to force their world view down the throats of unsuspecting Americans. I personally don’t care what they choose to believe. But I take HUGE issue with their feverish evangelical approach to forcing everyone else in the nation live by their narrow belief system. In fact, I… Continue reading

He Really IS an Idiot

Shouldn’t this guy, of all guys, be aware that his statement is beyond simply untrue; it is absurd to the extreme! I was ambivalent about the former mayor. Now I think Rudy Giuliani is crazy. Or, maybe he’s very, very smart: the Republicans are trying to rewrite the history of their unspeakable failures. If you say it enough times, people… Continue reading

Dangerous Minds

And let’s set the record straight: George W. Bush and the Republican Party spent this nation into oblivion and bankruptcy by cutting taxes and spending the budget surplus and vast amounts of money on a needless, pointless war to make their buddies at Halliburton wealthy beyond belief. Nancy Pelosi had nothing to do with it at all. Those who say… Continue reading

I’ll Be an Activist Before It’s All Said and Done

I took my money out of WaMu when it bellied up and was taken over by a bank that then had to receive bailout money. I wasn’t fearful I would lose my money; I was outraged at banking mismanagement, abuse, greed, and more! Years ago I went to a single credit card with no fees that automatically pays itself off… Continue reading

Not Just Complicit

In my mind, the Republican Party is not just complicit in this effort, they are responsible.  George W. Bush thrust the nation into bankruptcy financially and morally.  The Republican party is trying to fan the flames of anger and bullying behavior to hide the mess they created that is the true source of the middle class shriveling up. Nancy has… Continue reading

Thanks Dubyuh

Your enormous plan to redistribute the wealth in this country, back to the already wealthy, seems to have been a resounding success. 2 out of 5 Californians are out of work right now thanks to you. Source: California Budget Project Press Release PDF The average person in the US is mad as hell. They are powerless to affect change so… Continue reading