Thoughts on Mindful Consumption

I read a really interesting essay by Chris Bowler: On Mindfulness and Quality. He provoked my thinking. I don’t like to think of myself as materialistic, though I’m certain I’m more materialistic than I would care to admit. I’ve always, since the days of my youth, preferred to do without “stuff” until I could have something I felt was of… Continue reading

Nothing Against You Personally, Tim…

But… Setting the Stage I was recently on a vacation that took me to Greece and Denmark. While in Greece (boy, is that ironic) I posted on my Facebook wall that “the party of ‘No!’ has got to go…”, a sentiment I embrace more wholeheartedly now than ever. That status update generated an interesting conversation. Then, I was off to… Continue reading

Busy, Productive

Well, I’m finally starting to get over this cold. The congestion is almost all gone. I worked all day, as I have most of the days of my vacation. I’ve decided I have another far more serious illness: workaholism! At any rate, I got a lot accomplished today. Some days I work but feel little was accomplished. Not so today!… Continue reading