New Zealand ’17: Day 07 – Wellington to Picton to Abel Tasman National Park (Wed)

Lodging: The Waters Bed and Breakfast Date During Trip: July 5, 2017 I’m on the Inter-Islander Ferry at the moment, rocking a bit (though it’s a calm day) as we enter the straights between the two islands. I just went out on to the top deck (10) to see the sites as we exited the straights outside the Wellington Harbor.… Continue reading

New Zealand ’17: Day 04 – Rotorua (Sun)

Lodging: Koura Lodge Date During Trip: July 2, 2017 Today we decided to go to the Waimangu volcanic valley, which is a self-hiked tour of this seismically active region. You begin up high and hike down to Lake Rotomakariri, about a 3km distance. We were unprepared for the natural drama that was about to unfold before us. Last night at… Continue reading

New Zealand ’17: Day 03 – Waiheke Island to Auckland to Rotorua (Sat)

Lodging: Koura Lodge Date During Trip: July 1, 2017 This morning we catch the ferry, return to Auckland, pick up a rental car, and drive down to Rotorua. The weather is a bit wet this morning, but the cloud cover is higher. The view of the bay outside the window where we have breakfast is lovely in the heavily overcast… Continue reading

New Zealand ’17: Day 02 – Waiheke Island (Fri)

B&B Lodging: Breakfast at The Beach Lodge Date During Trip: June 30, 2017 I feel rested this morning! I got up while Steve was off running and taking some wonderful photos of sunrise. I then went outside and shot a few photos with my Canon. The tide was out. Large mudflats. Sunlight was great. Fog rising around sail boats sitting… Continue reading

New Zealand ’17: Day 01 – Waiheke Island (Thu)

B&B Lodging: Breakfast at The Beach Lodge Date During Trip: June 28/29, 2017 OK. I guess it’s Wednesday, but I’m not really sure1. I actually slept on the plane during the night. The seats in business class do this most bizarre transformers kind of thing. The flight attendants have to do it. It’s just too unusual for mere mortals to… Continue reading

#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 4

appy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the season of love, I’m sharing a bonus photo along with another photo of one of my favorite places on earth: Lake Pukaki on the South Island of New Zealand. Every time we drove by this place it looked strikingly different. For a map of the area, see this prior post from the trip. This… Continue reading

#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 2

Just on the outskirts of a tiny quaint mining town on the South Island of New Zealand, protected by the mountain behind it from the brutal winter elements, sits this small house from a time gone by. The HDR brings out the rich textures in the  wood slats1. The sun had disappeared behind the mountains casting long shadows in the… Continue reading

Artistry Versus Performance

I admit, I do not have a very refined palette when it comes to fine dining. As long as the food is fresh and tastes good, I’m just consuming calories. I have rarely in my life made an evening of fine dining with friends or loved ones. The last fine dining experience I had was no small sensation. Steve and… Continue reading