Napa Valley Film Festival

In its third year and hosted across the valley, the  Napa Valley Film Festival is awesome. These folks not only put together a great film festival, they also have a great web site. Check it out! I went this year, for a hurried trip, because I wanted to see Meryl Streep‘s new movie: August: Asage County. The film opens in… Continue reading

Eagerly Waiting…

I’ve blogged about this role before, when I first heard Meryl Streep, one of my all time favorites, would be playing Margaret Thatcher.  The teaser is excellent. Related articles Teaser: Meryl Streep in ‘The Iron Lady’ ( The Iron Lady Movie Trailer: Another Oscar for Meryl Streep? (… Continue reading

Margaret Never Looked So Good… Oh! Wait…

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher looks gorgeous in this picture.  Oh!  Wait…  Is that really her? Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses—one of the greatest of all time.  Here she is pictured in her upcoming role in The Iron Lady as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  It’s astounding what hair, lighting, and makeup can do for a brilliant… Continue reading

The Manchurian Candidate

I saw the movie The Manchurian Candidate tonight. Wow! The similarities between the movie and the 2004 Presidential Election were more than transparent. I kept thinking it should have been entitled The Halliburton Candidate. Oops! Did I really say that?! If you don’t know, I will spare you. Let’s just say that the folks at Halliburton are really, REALLY good… Continue reading