Alaska Inside Passage: Day 9 – Travel Juneau to Atlanta (Sunday)

I originally thought this would be just another boring travel day spent couped up in jets. Well, it was. But we did have a little excitement in the Juneau Airport. Delta had to bump a number of people from the plane, which was sold out. In fact, they were offering $1,000 to 8 passengers who volunteered to take a different… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 7 – Travel Day Gustavus to Juneau (Friday)

Today we were supposed to fly from Gustovus back to Juneau. However, the weather appears to have decided otherwise. We have been packed for several hours now and are hanging out, waiting for the call! The fog and drizzle appear to have burned off (mostly) here and reportedly in Juneau, but not in the intervening distance. Maybe we go today.… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 1 – Travel Day to Juneau (Saturday)

Today we traveled from Atlanta through Seattle, Washington, to Juneau, Alaska. When landing in Juneau, the runways are situated between gorgeous and jagged mountains on both sides. The cab driver was a friendly fellow, Ken. He drove a minivan and suggested, since we were all going to the same hotel, we load up 5 people in the vehicle. It would… Continue reading