Compare & Contrast!

You know, my father and grandfather (his father) were, much like those generations in general, really good men. Both were very generous with what little they had. They were both kind, compassionate men that had a habit of being quietly helpful. They believed that people, especially family, were more important than things. Unlike me, I can’t recall ever hearing my… Continue reading

Showing His Posterior for All to See

Took me a while to get to this post: Once upon a time I thought John McCain was basically a respectable guy. He promoted himself as “the maverick” that bucked the political establishment. Turns out, he actually sees himself as the political establishment, and nobody is going to buck him. Rarely do we see the true character of public figures,… Continue reading

The Coffee Party

Well, this is interesting.  I’ve just discovered it:  The Coffee Party. This is a non-partisan community of people who really want change and are not comfortable with the status quo. They want the political process to return to the people and not special interests.  The emphasis seems to be on collective action based on what people find in common not… Continue reading

The Palin Problem

We all know Sarah is now an employee of Rupert Murdoch. What we didn’t know, until the book and the recent 60 Minutes episode, was the astounding level of her lack of qualification for being being a heartbeat away from the presidency. But that didn’t matter to her at all, because “It was God‘s will” for her to be the… Continue reading

When Will Republicans Realize

They live in glass houses like everyone else?! John McCain, in his first major decision related to running the country, made a catastrophic blunder! The Blue Skunk tries to stay as apolitical as possible (weak stomach) but when this came across the state listserv this morning, the intellectual freedom fighter in me couldn’t resist sharing it. Excerpt from: Shortly… Continue reading