Outdoing Themselves!

Once again Audible and iTunes are beyond awesome!  As a public service, they are providing the world with free downloads of all of the speeches presented at the Democratic National Convention. I suspect they will also provide this free service for the RNC too.  This public service is an excellent example of corporate America making a real and meaningful contribution… Continue reading

Too Funny…

OK, some equal opportunity bashing… Two funny bumper stickers: Somewhere in Texas, a Village Is Missing Its Idiot And, next to a picture of Kerry and Edwards, Because they have more money and better hair This little tag is on clothing made in America and sold in France and is funny and unexpected. And for a little song that slaps… Continue reading

The Dreadful Drudge

I just want the media to be open, honest, and unbiased so voters can make a reasoned judgement on election day based on the facts and critical thinking. I wish I didn’t have to harp on the fact that I believe the republican media machine is busy trying to mislead, and, rather than focusing on issues and positions, continues a… Continue reading