Hello, Northern Arizona, 2014!

The official gallery of nearly 500 pictures from our recent trip to the Grand Canyon (southern rim), Flagstaff, Jerome, and Sedona! SlideShowPro({ attributes: { id: "gallery-43", width: 582, height: 410 }, mobile: { auto: false, poster: "vignette" }, params: { bgcolor: "#000000", allowfullscreen: true }, flashvars: { xmlFilePath: "http://timtyson.us/ssp_director/images.php?gallery=43", startup: "Open Gallery", galleryNavTextSize: "12", albumPreviewSize: "220,123", videoAutoStart: "Off", navLinkAppearance: "Numbers"… Continue reading

Northern Arizona, Day Six — Sedona, Prescott, Jerome

This morning we took the highly anticipated (because it had been scheduled for yesterday until “the incident”) helicopter tour of the Sedona area. I’ll be posting video later. Then we were off to Prescott and Prescott Valley. We returned to Sedona via Jerome. You know, I just don’t know what to say about Jerome. In the Black Hills of Yavapai… Continue reading