Funeral Planned…

Yes, I’ve ranted about my AppleTVs world without end!  Well, apparently, one of them was just completely messed up:  the hardware was bad.  Naturally, it wasn’t under warranty.  (I think Apple only has a 90 day warranty unless you spend the extra money on AppleCare.  I always do for computers but hadn’t for the AppleTV.) So, I bought a new… Continue reading

Sadly Ironic

Today Apple sold its 10,000,000,000th (that’s billionth) song at the iTunes Store—all in less than 7 years. The music industry can gripe all it wants, but Apple has made them a lot of money they would otherwise have lost to file sharing! Today’s Business Insider has this headline: Blockbuster Collapses: Shutting Down 500 Stores In Desperate Bid To Save $200… Continue reading

Secret Apple Data Center

Apple has quietly been building a data center in Maiden, North Carolina.  It’s apparently well underway.  What makes this of interest is that the explicit purpose of the enormous and secretive center has never been announced. Related articles A First Look at Apple’s Massive Data Center (… Continue reading

Updated Footer

Go ahead, check out the new footer at the bottom of my blog. I’ve completely redone it. What do you think? Special thanks to the Creative Pony for letting novice users like myself use some cool code! She calls it Sliding Tabs. It is similar to cover view in iTunes that many readers here are probably familiar with. Tim likes!… Continue reading

My Loathsome AppleTV

I have blogged in the past about how much I hate the AppleTVs here at the house. Let me add to the tirade. With the latest upgrades, neither AppleTV (upstairs or downstairs) will play the photos from iPhoto on any computer in the house. Ready to work out, watch photos, listen to music… Well, No. Of course not. I’ve spent… Continue reading

My Head Hurts

Here is a good article at the iPod Lounge for Mac users who are interested in ripping your legally owned DVDs so you can watch them on your iPod. (They also give info for Windows users.) The article includes settings and information related to format. Handbrake, a great little application which I’ve used many times, is not completely intuitive. The… Continue reading

I Know Someone Up and Coming

I met this guy through one of his former teachers who worked with me until I retired this year. She’s a great person and a wonderful teacher and is in the picture with Jake on the right. Jake actually came to our middle school and sang and composed with the students. I wasn’t really sure how that would come off,… Continue reading

Gerd Ludwig Photography – Pause and Reflect

I saw this photo and stopped my feed reading (would that be called, feeding?). The power of an image. But as I explored more deeply, the power of Gerd Ludwig‘s body of work displayed on his site gives pause to the rush of my beginning day. I highly recommend you take a visit. His galleries are powerful. I especially appreciated… Continue reading

Doug Adams Is Cool

Way cool. He falls into that group of people who are willing to share their smarts with the rest of us. Generosity always impresses me! If you use iTunes (and you should! Windows or Mac), then you need to know Doug Adams. He started writing AppleScripts for iTunes several years ago and has amassed quite a large collection of special… Continue reading