Vox As iTunes Replacement on Mac?

So the app Vox (Mac only, by Coppertino) came out of beta yesterday and is free; so, I decided to give it a whirl. I no longer use iTunes to sync my devices, and I find the app, especially with the new design, overwhelming. At least 90% of the time, I only use it to play music from my library… Continue reading

For the Record

A few quirky tidbits of interest… Shoals A group of squid isn’t, unfortunately, called a squad, but is instead called a shoal. What a shame. (Source: BoingBoing.net) However, be it known, that I am officially introducing several words into the language: people who own one of these cute little new Fiats are called Fiatecians (Fee – uh – tee –… Continue reading

Upgrading Your iTunes Music with iTunes Match

Many years ago now, I set out on a long journey to digitize my entire CD collection and store that music in iTunes. The process took about a year! In those days in the last century, hard drive space was much more expensive, and the standard quality (called bit rate) most people ripped their CDs was low to avoid consuming… Continue reading

Oh, No! Theft by Taking…

It started with iTunes. They wanted me to update my credit card information. It wouldn’t take my info?! Then an auto payment notice indicated having problems with my credit card on file. What? I called the credit card company, the one I’ve used for decades. I had assumed that since I had made some online holiday purchases, they thought they… Continue reading

Taxi Magic

Travel a lot?  Frequently call a taxi? Taxi Magic may just be the app for you! I needed to call a taxi for a trip to LAX.  I went online to lookup the number for Yellow Taxi and found this app:  Taxi Magic.  I downloaded it from iTunes.  Used it.  Loved it! Setup your account.  The app automatically locates you… Continue reading


I’ve dabbled for some time now with an iPhone calendar app called Calvetica.  With the release of version 4, the app is now universal, is simply stunning on the iPad, and will now become my official mobile calendaring app. One of my favorite features of Calvetica is not having to deal with those horrid slot machine-styled rollers that are part… Continue reading

It Adds Up Quickly

Analyze your iOS spending habits with App Store Expense Monitor, a free desktop application for Mac.  App Store Expense Monitor goes through all of the apps in your iTunes folder and generates a sortable list of App name, developer, category, and price.  You can choose the currency. I try out a lot of apps on my iPhone, iPod Touch, and… Continue reading

Those Were the Days…

Thirty-six years ago, today: May 26, 1975, I graduated from high school. Yes, I remember Edith (Jean Stapleton, b. 1923) singing that to Archie (Carroll O’Connor, August 2, 1924 – June 21, 2001) at the old upright as All In The Family came on the huge tube TV back in the day. Gas was leaded and cost .25 a gallon.… Continue reading

@Apple: Trust Matters!

One of the stories taking the internet by storm:  the iPhone is tracking everywhere we go and storing that data in great detail (longitude, latitude, and timestamp down to the second) both on the iPhone itself and on any computer to which the iPhone syncs. Now, of course, we all agreed to let Apple do this to us.  Our agreement… Continue reading

Three Great Tracks!

I don’t know how I missed the fresh style of Canadian jazz vocalist, Matt Dusk. Here are a couple of tracks I especially like: Back in Town, and All About Me from his 2007 album, Back in Town.* Many of of his older recordings are of the more traditional male jazz vocalist sound.  But these two and the video below… Continue reading